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Our Guarantee


When the Client responds to the “Firms” requests for documentation and information within a timely manner and all documentation is received within the timelines requested by the Firm and Firm Agents, the Firm will guarantee that the Client’s application will be processed and submitted to the GSA within 90 business days from receipt of COMMITMENT CONTRACT.

Per I-FSS-106 of the GSA, General Services Administration offers a guarantee of $2,500 per schedule for all GSA approved applications. If the Client does not receive at least $2,500 in contract revenue in the first term as a GSA Schedule Holder, the GSA will refund the guarantee amount less contract revenue earned in the first term.


The Client understands that the Firm can only work within the guidelines of the GSA. Client understands that products or services can change or become unavailable by the GSA and this is not under the control of the Firm. Should changes/ineligibility occur within the processing of Client’s application, alternative solutions may be offered. NU CEN-TURY INC’S Processor(s) and Agents will work with Client to obtain the best result for their application.

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