Industry Specific Info

If you would like to read more about how your products / services are sold to the Federal Government please click the relevant links below.

Selling Energy-Efficient Products to the Federal Governmen.t

The United States Department of Energy released this article in 2008 to help businesses that supply Energy-Efficient Products sell to the Federal Government.

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Federal Procurement Opportunities for “Green” Vendors

This brief guide for vendors will facilitate their access to increased federal government procurement opportunities; enhance their ability to compete at the prime and subcontract levels; promote their knowledge of new government contracting initiatives (e-bay and Sub-Net); and make it easier for them to conduct business with the federal government.

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Selling Environmental Products to the Government.

In this booklet you will find information about federal agencies’ efforts to consider the environmental attributes of the products and services they buy. It contains specific information about whom to contact in some of the major purchasing agencies and the kinds of items these agencies buy. It also provides answers to some commonly asked questions and helpful hints about selling products to the federal government.

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