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As a leader in government contracting support, NCI brings a lot to the table for your business.  Contracting with the U.S. Government is a sure way for any size business that qualifies, to sell their goods and or services….



Customer Business focused Government opportunities

we value our clients by continuous efforts to increase your overall revenues via the various government opportunities. We offer our clients a full spectrum of services that begin with government classification and application …



Business Revenue Enhancement

You just focus at your business while we are focused on bringing Government business to you. Our Clients agrees tha NCI support in their government application processing, government marketing, business certifications and GSA contracts preparation they saved money and efforts…



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“I am honored to support NCI as a Valuable partner to any business looking to increase its government market share.  They have been nothing short of fantastic to work with.  Their staff is always courteous, professional, and supportive.  I am able to reach them whenever I need to.  I can even talk to the CEO if I need to.  That is unheard of these days.”

-Rhonda, Audio Visual Firm, Sedona CA

“I first became acquainted with NCI when they called me explaining that the Government sector had lots of opportunity for businesses like mine.  I am a Service Disabled Vet and was skeptical to say the least.  Anyway, I took the call and let them tell me all about what I could do.  I was surprised with the professionalism and knowledge that they had. They have completed my GSA in less than two months and I am expecting my first contract from the VA this week.  They delivered. I will be an advocate for NCI as long as they wish.  Nothing but good things. ”

Trevor, Components Manufacturing, Nebraska

NCI first came to my attention when I was looking at possibly getting started with Government contracts.  I had no clue how to even begin.  I went online and did lots of research.  I vetted four other companies that claimed they could get me government contracts before even speaking to NCI.  NCI was my clear choice because they provided everything I needed to make a decision.  They educated me on what my options were and never tried to sell me anything.  It was a natural fit to me because I was able to call my Consultant all throughout the decision making process and boy did I run him through the ringer.  I must have called 100 times and sent 50 emails.  He never got impatient with me and let me take my time.  I finally signed up with them in January of 2013. Now I am on track to make over 250K this year and that is money I never expected to make.  All I can say is THANK YOU NCI.

-Frank, Logistics Firm, New Mexico

“I have no hesitation in recommending NCI.  I have worked with them for four years now.  They completed my GSA schedule, done business certifications for me, and currently have been doing marketing for me.  I am a small women owned business in Texas and let me tell you… without NCI I would be lucky to bring in 100k per year.  Recently they helped me win a Multi Million dollar opportunity that spans over the next five years.  When I got notice that I won I couldn’t believe it.  I actually called the owner of NCI, as he works with me hand in hand, and asked him if this was real.  He assured me it was real and the tears started flowing.  Not sure what else I can say.  They have been great to me.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking to do business with the Government.”

-Robin, Moving Services, Texas

“NCI’s qualifications and performance in the Government Consulting sector stands alone.  They stand by their word and shake things up. The NCI staff is professional, expedient, and flexible.  They are a small business just like me so they understand where we are coming from on most levels.  I have seen moderate success by working with them.  I should be doing more but I am short staffed and have had to pass on opportunities that I couldn’t possible fulfill.   With that being said I reached out to my contact at NCI and discussed this issue and they came back with a plan of action.  I am happy to report that I have just been teamed up with a large prime, all thanks to NCI, and will be starting another project as a sub-contractor next week. ”

-Justin, Environmental Services, Iowa

“I am pleased to provide a reference for NCI, they are easy to work with and get results.  I own a staffing firm and they do our marketing and business development.  I have been very pleased with the results.  I have tried other firms in the past but NCI is far superior.  I am happy to recommend them to any business that needs their services.”

-Melissa, Temp Staffing, Florida