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General Government Services

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Select NCI- This is our online database that pulls information regarding all government contract opportunities from over 225 Official Government websites.  With access to this data you will be able to look at all current opportunities, expiring contracts, award history, teaming and subcontracting data, prime vendor data, government contracting officer contact information, as well as Local, City, State and Federal contracting opportunities at the click of a mouse.

Fed Biz Opps Redirects is the traditional platform for any business that holds a BASIC registration (CCR) to bid on government opportunity order by order.  Although the majority of Government Procurement is headed in the direction of the GSA, opportunity still presents itself.  NCI will direct this opportunity to you via email on a weekly basis.  These federal buyer introductions regularly yield long standing relationships that create GSA initiated orders based on the foundation of those relationships.  And the door swings both ways! Every day we hear new reports from our clients stating that many previously open market opportunities are now being restricted to GSA schedule holders.

State Opportunities With GSA

GSA is primarily a Federal Procurement System aimed exclusively at reducing costs and creating efficiencies in the Federal Market Place.  Through that success, opportunities have emerged which allow state, local and non-profit agencies to access the GSA platform and promote additional savings.  These programs would include:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Cooperative purchasing
  • California MAS Award Schedules
  • Texas MAS Award Schedules

Customized Marketing

NCI is proud of the services we provide on behalf of our clients.  Our clients chose us because they understand what separates NCI from the pack… in one word MARKETING!

There are a lot of firms out there who can do a decent job helping you get your GSA application properly submitted.  What separates the men from the boys… in one word MARKETING!