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GSA Schedule Application Processing

Most companies can qualify for a GSA schedule. In addition, if you qualify as a SET ASIDE company you will have an increased level of opportunity. The GSA is mandated to spend up to 43% of allocated funds on SET ASIDE businesses (Women Owned, Retired/Disabled Veteran Owned, Minority Owned, Regular/Disadvantaged Small Business, Hub zone Certified, 8(a) approved, and 8M (WOSB/EDWOSB)).


NCI offers a complete turnkey solution for doing business with the Government and we have a long track record with proven success and consistent results. GSA processing is no easy task and we have the experienced staff to get the job done quickly and effectively so that you can be on your way to earning government revenue in 90 days or less. The services we provide require a significant amount of time, dedication, and resources.


Before GSA Submission:

  • Fully understand the nature of your business offerings to identify the appropriate GSA Schedules that are most advantageous to your company.
  • Analyze competitive aspects of price, product, terms and conditions to determine the best approach for client’s particular offerings.
  • Determine all supporting documents for any offering.
  • Systematically collect all data from client required to complete the GSA application process.
  • Establish GSA review and approval of client’s products and or services.
  • Create manufacture/vendor files to assemble and collate information for GSA and client.
  • Review and analyze GSA terms and conditions to determine potential client liabilities.
  • Assist client to integrate Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) into price offering.
  • Instruct client with EDI implementation including ORCA,CCR, and SAM.GOV registration.
  • Facilitate client PPE (Past Performance Evaluation Report to open ratings, Inc.).
  • Prepare and review draft of initial GSA application submission with client.
  • Revise per additional information submitted by client.
  • Completed submission of offer to GSA within client directed guidelines.

During GSA Contract negotiation review process:

  • Identify and utilize previously established rapport with GSA contract officer(s) handling specific client submissions.
  • Provide ongoing support and consultation with status updates for client.
  • Clarify financial questions with the GSA financial analyst during evaluation process as needed.
  • Offer 3rd party telephone consultation between GSA and Client as needed.
  • Update and organize distributor/vendor files for client.
  • Be the liaison between GSA and distributors/vendors to clarify latest pricing and product information.
  • Finalize marketing strategy and assist client in maintaining profitable sales margins.
  • Maintain continuously updated terms, conditions and discounts, according to progress of negotiations.
  • Create and review final proposal revision with client prior to submission to GSA.
  • Submit final proposal revision letter to GSA.
  • Obtain award of GSA contract for client.