“I am honored to support NCI as a Valuable partner to any business looking to increase its government market share.  They have been nothing short of fantastic to work with.  Their staff is always courteous, professional, and supportive.  I am able to reach them whenever I need to.  I can even talk to the CEO if I need to.  That is unheard of these days.”

Rhonda, Audio Visual Firm, Sedona CA.

“I first became acquainted with NCI when they called me explaining that the Government sector had lots of opportunity for businesses like mine.  I am a Service Disabled Vet and was skeptical to say the least.  Anyway, I took the call and let them tell me all about what I could do.  I was surprised with the professionalism and knowledge that they had.  They showed me step by step what could be done and did not push me to make a decision.  I reviewed the email that was sent after the call and then did some digging on NCI.  I found out a lot about them and how transparent they are.  They even have a report on their website that gives you access to all of their corporate information.  I did see some stuff online that was negative about them so I called the rep back and asked what that was about and they openly explained that to me and it made sense.  Fast forward to Current day.  I am happy to have been called and introduced to NCI.  They have completed my GSA in less than two months and I am expecting my first contract from the VA this week.  They delivered.  I am now doing marketing with them and already they found and helped me win an opportunity.  For what I paid them vs. what I am being awarded was worth the risk 10 fold.  I will be an advocate for NCI as long as they wish.  Nothing but good things.  Glad to see a company that does what it says it will do.”

Trevor, Components Manufacturing, Nebraska

“NCI first came to my attention when I was looking at possibly getting started with Government contracts.  I had no clue how to even begin.  I went online and did lots of research.  I vetted four other companies that claimed they could get me government contracts before even speaking to NCI.  NCI was my clear choice because they provided everything I needed to make a decision.  They educated me on what my options were and never tried to sell me anything.  It was a natural fit to me because I was able to call my Consultant all throughout the decision making process and boy did I run him through the ringer.  I must have called 100 times and sent 50 emails.  He never got impatient with me and let me take my time.  I finally signed up with them in January of 2013 and by the End of March they had my paperwork submitted for a GSA contract.  In May 2013 I got my contract number.  It was a little longer than I expected but it sat up at the GSA for a while do their backlog.  I have no complaints with NCI.  It is now One year later and I was asked by my consultant to be a reference.  I usually do not do that but based on what I put them through and what they have done for me I felt I owed it to them.  I am on track to make over 250K this year and that is money I never expected to make.  All I can say is THANK YOU NCI.  ”

Frank, Logistics Firm, New Mexico

“I have no hesitation in recommending NCI.  I have worked with them for four years now.  They completed my GSA schedule, done business certifications for me, and currently have been doing marketing for me.  I am a small women owned business in Texas and let me tell you… without NCI I would be lucky to bring in 100k per year.  Recently they helped me win a Multi Million dollar opportunity that spans over the next five years.  When I got notice that I won I couldn’t believe it.  I actually called the owner of NCI, as he works with me hand in hand, and asked him if this was real.  He assured me it was real and the tears started flowing.  Not sure what else I can say.  They have been great to me.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking to do business with the Government.”

Robin, Moving Services, Texas

“NCI’s qualifications and performance in the Government Consulting sector stands alone.  They stand by their word and shake things up. The NCI staff is professional, expedient, and flexible.  They are a small business just like me so they understand where we are coming from on most levels.  I have seen moderate success by working with them.  I should be doing more but I am short staffed and have had to pass on opportunities that I couldn’t possible fulfill.   With that being said I reached out to my contact at NCI and discussed this issue and they came back with a plan of action.  I am happy to report that I have just been teamed up with a large prime, all thanks to NCI, and will be starting another project as a sub-contractor next week. ”

Justin, Environmental Services, Iowa

“I have had the opportunity in the past two years to work with NCI.  They have helped me write government proposals and win a high percentage of them.  They literally go out and find the opportunities that fit exactly what I can do, present those findings to me, I decide on which ones to pursue, and they get me in front of the actual buyers and decision makers on those select opportunities.  It is like having marketing and sales team without the headache of employee’s and to boot at a fraction of the cost it would be to have those employees in house.  So my message or recommendation is NCI equals experience, knowledge, know how, and results.”

Shawna, Computer Parts, Massachusetts

“I am pleased to provide a reference for NCI, they are easy to work with and get results.  I own a staffing firm and they do our marketing and business development.  I have been very pleased with the results.  I have tried other firms in the past but NCI is far superior.  I am happy to recommend them to any business that needs their services.”

“I am delighted to be called upon to provide a reference for NCI.  They have provided invaluable guidance of the Government Marketplace and frankly I would be lost without them.  I leaned on them to get my 8A application completed.  They got it done in less than 45 days and I have now signed up to do Marketing with them.  I anticipate that the results will be the same…quick, complete, and results driven.”

Armando, Medical Supplies, New Jersey

“I am happy to recommend NCI as a strategic partner for Government Business development.  Our company sells an array of IT support services and while we are great at what we do we have no clue when it comes to the government world.  We recently got our GSA contract and went in search of a firm that we could hire to provide a turnkey marketing solution for us.  NCI was one of the first we interviewed based on all the recommendations they had from the Industry.  We looked at a few things when making our decision.  Would the company that we partner with be able to understand our business and be able to present that to the Government powers that be?  Would this said company be able to meet deadlines and provide progress reports?   Would this company have the knowledge, experience, and follow through to achieve success for us?  We the clear cut answer is that NCI is the only company that we felt scored high enough to earn our business.  To date we are very happy with the decision to hire NCI as our Marketing and business development liaison. ”

Jeff, IT services, Chicago IL

“I am pleased to comment on NCI.  They have helped my firm win countless Government opportunities and I can only imagine what or where our business would be had we not taken the chance on NCI.  We started working with them when they were fairly new (I think they had only been in business 3 months at the time).  They came across as a small business that was professional and knowledgeable in the Government world.  They mainly did GSA schedule application processing at the time with a few other things.  Over the years we have contracted with them for many services.  Not only the GSA schedule, but a Women Owned certification, DOD EMALL contract application, Marketing services, and most recently bid writing services.  We have probably spent upwards of $40,000 with them over the past four years.  Our business has expanded each year with the help they have provided and the money we spend with them continues to pay off.  Our GSA sales are steady with a small percentage increase year after year.  Our women owned certification has proved to be priceless.  The marketing services that have been provided up to this point have opened the doors for us in which we would have never gotten into and the Bid writing we just started so we shall see, but based on statistics I am confident in the ability that NCI brings to the table.  If you need help with any Government Contracting Needs you should contact NCI.  In my opinion they are the best at what they do. “

Carol, Construction Equip., Ohio

Deepest thanks to you all for the very prompt and professional work you have done to renew this contract. Since we are a very small business this contact is critical to our continued success in the delivery of our leadership seminars to federal employees. Know that you have played a part in making a difference in the way individuals communicate and interact with one another.”

James, Schedule 874, NY

“Thank you very much for your team spirit & dogged focus in expediting our GSA submission. I have been in customer service industry for 20 yrs & I have never seen this level of professionalism & commitment to partnership. We were a little skeptical in the beginning as we found you on the World Wide Web w/o any reference. We are so proud of our decision to have decided to engage your firm for our business.

You Guys Rock!!! Once we get the GSA approved (hopefully by June end), feel free to approach us as your business reference for the record speed in helping prepare GSA application.”

Schedule , 70, NJ

“The Nu-Century team is fantastic, pushing us to fill their needs to draw us closer to the goal line of completion. Clearly without them, we would never get this done.”

Brent, Schedule 73, KY

“My processor has been completely amazing. Helpful in every way. Very knowledgeable about the process and willing to assist in completing various forms. It has been a complete pleasure during the entire application process.”

Chuck, Schedule 56, Savannah, GA

“To all who made it happen!

Thank you for your abundance of patience with me on this proposal. What you have provided is a opportunity for my company to showcase our product line that was not possibe until NCI came along. Being a small manufacturer with a very small niche product line is tough without product exposure.

I am looking forward to a continued relationship with NCI in other ventures.”

Tim, Schedule 56, Chillicothe, IL

“We are using Nucen-tury for a schedule 65 II A and also for a future schedule 84 and a 51v. First of all, let me say our consultant is absolutely awesome at her job. Every time I have had a question she is very quick to get an answer for me. My processors are the ones I have worked with on the actual contract and they have both been great. Our 65 II A is still in negotiations but I will say this; our contracting officer called from the VA and asked us if we had help preparing our contract. I told him yes we had utilized Nucen-tury and that they were smaller but I had looked into them and found out the owner had experience with the larger companies. The contracting officer told me he sees a lot of offers come across his desk, and he has seen a lot of offers prepared by the other companies and he said he was impressed with our offer, it was in great shape and the only thing we had an issue with was our return policy and our warranty policy. Ironically these two items we gave to Nucen-tury and asked them to specifically use them. So actually the only problem we had was our own fault.”

Ed , Schedules 65 IIA, 84, MT

“As the government practice leader for our small firm I know the value of having a GSA account. As a one man practice I also knew how unlikely it was that I would have time or the energy to pull together everything needed to even begin the process with GSA. Because of that I started looking for assistance from third party companies that specialized in helping businesses get their GSA certification. In that search I interviewed numerous companies and saw proposals that ranged from $25,000 to $7,000, all of which required a significant amount of work from me. As it turns out, those companies are used to working with larger organizations that have internal administrative staff that can act as a resource and that often times have numerous products and services that are offered under the various types of GSA contracts. When I first came across Nu Cen-tury I was immediately skeptical simply because of the price and what I was used to seeing. I reached out to them to see what their story was and after one phone call was confident that my skepticism was unwarranted and that I had found someone to partner with me and help me get our GSA certification. Nu Cen-tury does specialize in helping small businesses and they demonstrate this unique capability with their responsiveness, flexibility and their price!

I am completely satisfied with the services I have been provided. These guys know what it means to partner and I look forward to taking full advantage of our GSA certification.”

Bo , Schedule 874, Redwood City, CA